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Love Water Memory
Now available in paperback

From the highly acclaimed author of When She Flew and Riding With the Queen, a powerful new novel that asks how well we know the people we love—and how well we know ourselves.

Waking up knee-deep in the San Francisco Bay with no understanding of how she got there, thirty-nine-year-old Lucie Walker discovers she has no memories of her past or her loving fiancé, Grady. After being diagnosed with a rare form of amnesia, Lucie returns to her previous life with Grady in Seattle only to find evidence of the "old" Lucie—an insecure and shallow personality she no longer recognizes, or wants to. Like a detective, the new Lucie attempts to find the path from past to present, only to remember shocking pieces of a dark childhood that tempt her to run away from everything all over again. To complicate matters more, she finds herself falling in love with her fiancé and his big close-knit clan of a family just as he seems to be falling out of love with her. But as Lucie begins to open up to the world around her, she realizes that she can build a future as the woman she wants to be, rather than the one her past dictated.

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Gallery Books, Hardcover, April 2013, ISBN: 978-0451227980


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Library Journal

"Reminiscent of the 1991 Harrison Ford film Regarding Henry, Shortridge's latest title (after When She Flew) is an emotional heart-tugger that doesn't go where readers might expect; a fascinating turnabout for those who enjoy novels focusing on complex life dramas."
   —Library Journal Editors' Spring Pick!

Love Water Memory

"Warmly emotional...[the] touching story of a woman who recovers her identity while also realizing the cost of repression."
   —Publishers Weekly

"A moving story told by a wonderful writer...Reminds us that the people around us have helped form who we are, but in the end, the person we are capable of becoming is up to us."
   —Garth Stein, New York Times bestselling author, in Real Simple

"Shortridge's love story is cozy and Lucie's quest for truth keeps the pages turning, but what may be most compelling about this fast read is Lucie's psychological rebirth... An engaging journey, Shortridge's latest should please her fans and earn her new ones."
   —Sheri Bodoh, BookPage (read the full review)

"...grabs the reader's attention from the first page..."
   —The Seattle Times (read the full review)

"Part tense mystery and part brilliant psychological drama, Shortridge's eloquent novel is a breathtaking story of how well we really know the people we love—and ourselves."
   —Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You

"Intriguing, resonant, and deeply satisfying, Love Water Memory takes us into the mystery of one woman's past and her attempts to reclaim both herself and the love she left behind."
   —Erica Bauermeister, author of The School of Essential Ingredients

"A lovely book, filled with wit, tenderness, and emotional vigor."
   —Maria Semple, New York Times bestselling author

"Love Water Memory is a beautiful novel about what the mind forgets and what the heart remembers. A story of memories as shadows, elongated and distorted by time, until they eclipse cherished loves, familial connections, and painful truths. A captivating read from start to finish."
   —Jamie Ford, New York Times bestselling author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

"By the end of page one of Love Water Memory, readers care about Lucie and why she's standing in frigid San Francisco Bay in an Armani suit. Jennie Shortridge's fifth novel moves like a thriller, as along with Lucie we discover what led to her flight from her fiancé Grady and her high-powered career. In the hands of a less accomplished author the plot could have become maudlin. Here, it's credible; Grady is loving but flawed; the pre-amnesiac Lucie not always likable. But they fight for understanding and happiness, and readers will be cheering for them all the way."
   —Cheryl Krocker McKeon, Rakestraw Books, Danville CA

"Love Water Memory is slowly and sweetly revelatory as Lucie, coming out of the fog of amnesia, and Grady, finally swimming to a surface without his father, move toward each other in a new recognition of themselves and each other, leaving behind disguises they no longer need. There is laughter and there are tears as these two people learn to trust each other and to be fearless in finding a better, more honest way of loving than what they once knew."
   —Valerie Jean Ryan, Cannon Beach Books, Cannon Beach, OR

"Engaging characters, beautiful settings, and a story that keeps the reader's interest from the very start. Lucie ran away from her fiancé 8 days ago, now she has no memory of who she is or anyone else either. Grady is coming to get her, but he would just as soon Lucie not remember the day she ran. Aunt Helen holds the secrets of a childhood gone terribly wrong. As the characters face the challenges from the past and present, the reader will be rooting for them. These are characters that make you care and a plot line that will not let you go."
   —Deon Stonehouse, Sunriver Books & Music, Sunriver, OR